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A New Revenue Stream for Your Business 

Programmatic digital out-of-home advertising puts the physical storefront to work. At no cost, retail businesses and property owners can place digital signs inside their buildings, on their outside-facing windows, and on their exterior walls to start generating ad revenue. The digital ads target the pedestrians, vehicles, and in-store traffic that passes by the signs.

This is done by connecting these signs (endpoints) to multiple ad channels—enabling national, regional, and local advertisers to display their messages that are mixed in with on-premise location information about the business the audience is currently

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How it Works

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Generate Income While You Sleep

Generate sustainable income by monetizing your customers' windows with programmatic advertising. Smartify Media will install beautiful, two-sided digital screens at no cost to you.

Display your own ads and promotions along with those of national and hyperlocal advertisers. Get paid monthly.

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Potential Earning Market Heatmap

Below is a guide to the areas where programmatic digital out-of-home advertising (pDOOH) has the greatest earning potential based on estimated foot traffic.

DMA® region: Generally a group of counties in which the commercial TV stations in the Metro/Central area achieve the largest audience share. This is a non-overlapping geography for planning, buying, and evaluating television audiences across various markets. 
Predominate methodology is reflected on the map.


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